How to add a bookmark to Chrome directly from Safari for iOS

There are cases when you want to add a bookmark to Chrome, which is opened through the Safari browser because this is the default browser in which all links are automatically opened. Many users prefer Chrome, so below we will explain how to add a bookmark to Chrome directly from Safari.

Add Chrome to the Share menu

1) Open any site in Safari browser.

2) Click the Share button at the bottom of the screen.

3) Scroll through the available applications to the right until the More (…) button and click it.

4) Find Chrome in the list and click the switch next to it to turn green. If you wish, you can drag the browser higher to change its position in the menu.

Add a bookmark to Chrome from Safari

1) Open the site you want to bookmark, and click the Share button.

2) Select Chrome.

3) On the pop-up window, select Add to Bookmarks. You will see a confirmation that the bookmark has been added.


The added bookmark will be displayed in the Bookmarks section of the Chrome mobile app. In addition, you can open it through a computer and other devices due to synchronization in the browser.


Many use multiple browsers, so this handy way will certainly come in handy.


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