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How to Activate Two Step Authentication On Your WhatsApp

WhatsApp, the world top chat app, is bringing more security to it users to secure them from hackers. Of late WhatsApp has been introducing news features to their app to make it more fun and friendly to use. The new feature that we will be discussing today is the Two-Step Authentication, and How to activate it. The Two-Step Authentication feature has been available for beta testers for quite some while but just rolled out to regular WhatsApp users. I will be forced to say that this feature made WhatsApp safer.
Two Step Authentication On Your WhatsApp
The Two-Step Authentication adds a second layer to the log-in process, making it harder for trespassers to access your account.
How To Activate  Two Step Authentication on Your WhatsApp
  • Download the latest Whatsapp If yours is not up to date.
  • Navigate to the settings of your WhatsApp, you will see the Two-step verification option. Click on it, it will bring a screen explaining what 2-step verification is and give a button to enable it.
  • Now enter your 6-digit passcode that you’ll be asked any time you try to access your WhatsApp on a new device.
  • You will be asked to provide an email address which will be used to reset your passcode in the case you forget it.

Once the above is done the two-step verification will be active on your phone number. No one will be able to activate WhatsApp with the same phone number unless they have your passcode or access to the email account to reset it.


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