How do you know if your Mac has a T2 processor

Some Macs have a second-generation Apple security chip called the T2. Without it, you would not have secure boot, device storage encryption and other useful functions. However, the chip is only available in some Mac computers.

In this article we will tell you how to find out if your Mac has an Apple T2 security chip.

T2 is a proprietary Apple processor that provides a new level of protection by integrating several controls of older Mac models.

By updating and integrating several controls available on other Macs (for example, the system management controller, image processor, audio controller, and solid-state drive controller), the T2 processor opens up new possibilities for the Mac computer. For example, the T2 processor provides a new level of security thanks to the Secure Enclave co-processor, which is the basis for new encrypted storage features and secure boot.

So far, this processor is only in four models of Mac.

Model Mac with a processor Apple T2

The Apple T2 processor is in the following computer models:

  • iMac Pro
  • Mac mini 2018
  • Macbook air 2018
  • Macbook pro 2018

How to identify a Mac with an Apple processor

You can use System Information to find out if your Mac has an Apple T2 processor.

1) In the Finder, select the Apple menu, and in the menu, About This Mac.

2) Select the General tab and then System Information.

3) In the menu on the left, select the item Controller or iBridge, depending on which version of macOS you have.

If your computer has a new processor, then in the window on the right you will see the “Apple T2 processor”. If there is no such inscription, then you have an old model without a chip.


If your Mac doesn’t have a new security processor, you can still do the same thing, but not so safely. For example, the FileVault processor uses system encryption, but it is not so secure. The webcam will work as usual, but it will be less protected, and someone can get unauthorized access to it. And the process of exporting video to 4K will be longer than on new models.

About Apple T2 Processor

The T2 processor provides a new level of security thanks to the Secure Enclave co-processor, which is the basis for new encrypted storage capabilities and secure boot. And the image processor interacts with the FaceTime HD camera, providing advanced color matching, improved exposure settings, as well as automatic exposure and automatic white balance based on face recognition technology.


Here is all that is integrated into T2:

  • “Always-on” processor
  • Audio controller
  • HEVC video transcoder
  • Image processor
  • Coprocessor Secure Enclave
  • Solid State Drive Controller
  • System management controller

Always-on processor

Thanks to the integration of the “always-on” processor, the T2 chip ensures the operation of the “Hi, Siri” function independently of the Intel CPU. You can activate Siri by voice command to find the necessary files, launch the program, etc.

Audio controller

On Macs with an Apple T2 processor, the built-in speakers and headphone jack are considered different devices, independent of each other. This way you can send sound effects to Mac speakers, and in wired headphones listen to music or other audio so as not to be distracted by different sounds. In addition, thanks to the new processor, your Mac’s microphone shuts off completely when its cover is closed.

HEVC video transcoder

The Apple T2 processor contains a special video transcoder for the H.265 format, thanks to which video decoding is 30 times faster, and the video quality becomes better.

Image processor

The image processor works with the FaceTime camera to analyze and improve the quality of the image. Among its features, improved color matching, improved exposure adjustment, and automatic white balance based on face recognition.


Coprocessor Secure Enclave

The Secure Enclave cryptographic coprocessor is the basis for new encrypted storage capabilities and secure boot. Thanks to him, the devices run only with a legal version of the operating system. In addition, it protects Apple Pay and Touch ID data.

Solid State Drive Controller

The data on the internal drive is also protected by the T2 processor. Thanks to real-time data encryption, all your data in the storage is fully protected.

System management controller

This controller is responsible for such functions as the reaction to pressing the power button and detecting the closure and opening of the laptop lid. It also controls the battery, prevents overheating and highlights the keyboard. As a bonus, it ensures the operation of motion and lighting sensors, an indicator lamp, a battery charge indicator, and even the operation of external displays.


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