Housemarque wants Returnal to have an “unlimited” replay factor


Housemarque quer que Returnal tenha um fator replay

Returnal, the next PS5 exclusive title, promises to be ambitious in one respect in particular: the replay factor. Housemarque says its goal is to make such an element “unlimited” in some way.

In an interview with GamesRadar, game director Harry Krueger says the studio where he works has “a philosophy of the original arcades”, so he tries to create a replay factor without limits.

Returnal is not exception in this matter and our central pillar has always been the design for replayability. Everything we put into the game goes through the same thorough research: how to survive repetition? Anything that is only fun once, should be experienced only once.

In the new game, if the protagonist Selene dies, her journey begins again – as in an infinite loop. According to Krueger, Housemarque’s goal is to make each time cycle unique and enjoyable.

The roguelike formula, in some ways, it is a natural continuation of our creative philosophy. Our levels are generated procedurally, and the goal is that each cycle is unique and offers a rich variation for gameplay and combat scenarios.

Returnal’s first dubbed gameplay

Housemarque took advantage of Wednesday morning (13) to show the first dubbed gameplay of Returnal. The video details some of the combat mechanics, in addition to the progression. Watch through this link!

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