Home NEWS Honor, Huawei’s sub-brand surpassed Apple and Xiaomi in new record

Honor, Huawei’s sub-brand surpassed Apple and Xiaomi in new record

Honor, Huawei's sub-brand surpassed Apple and Xiaomi in new record

It was not only the Alibaba that has largely overcome the Amazon in a short time thanks to the space of Singles Day festivities. The occasion prompted thousands of consumers to also purchase a new Android or iOS mobile device. At this point, neither Apple nor Xiaomi were able to overcome Huawei’s sub-brand, Honor.

However, while the first festival is held in China, India – the 2nd largest smartphone market in the world – also celebrated an important occasion. The festival of light, the Diwali that eventually yield to Honor more than 1 million Android smartphones sold.

This incredible figure represents a new record for the Huawei sub-brand. In that sense, Honor outperformed sales of Xiaomi, the current sales leader in India and Apple. In fact, on November 11 (single day) no one surpassed Honor.

Honor outperformed Xiaomi and Apple at the last sales festival

The Android maker has relied on a whole array of promotions and win-win opportunities. Needless to say that membership was incredible and that the results are now in sight, embarrassing even Apple, Xiaomi and other manufacturers. In this sense we can see the recent publication of the manufacturer Android, sharing with its users some of the numbers that guided the festivities. Therefore we have a strong emphasis here on the fact that they have surpassed Apple in the main online sales platforms. Something that was also due to its new Android smartphone, the Magic 2.

Honor Magic 2 Big Sale

Huawei’s sub-brand has set new records for both sales and profits. Moreover, we see the increasing bet of this Android manufacturer in online sales at the expense of traditional channels like physical stores.

The Android maker has outperformed its top rivals

Already on the last note, we see that its latest device, Honor Magic 2 has helped the brand achieve this incredible record. In this sense, the brand was not afraid to put it on sale at an extremely competitive price.

In India and China, its retail price ranges from $ 580 to $ 720. Value for which you can purchase a high-end Android smartphone, capable of rivalling any other.

Can Honor repeat such a success in Europe? Facing the old continent Apple as well as Xiaomi?


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