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HomePod leaves white traces on wooden furniture

The Apple HomePod column went on sale on February 9, which means more and more users are acquiring the device, and it becomes aware of the increasing number of problems with it.
HomePod leaves white traces on wooden furniture
It’s not about sound quality. Users have found that the column can leave traces on some surfaces. According to the information on the network, HomePod leaves white traces on the wooden furniture.
As you see on the photo, HomePod left white rings on both the varnished table top and on the wooden table.
Apple confirmed the reality of the problem and the fact that the column can indeed leave traces on some surfaces.
Apple says that “tracks can disappear themselves in a few days, if you rearrange the column,” and if that does not happen, you can just go to the workshop and repair the cover. The company gave the following advice: “Try cleaning furniture with special oil.”
This is a rather strange problem. I wonder why Apple did not test the column on wooden surfaces. HomePod does not have to be moved often, therefore traces will remain exactly. And if the device is capable of damaging the furniture, this is a big minus.
Apple also published a special document entitled “Proper Care for HomePod”, in which she gave more explanations.
“Columns with a silicone base often leave traces on wooden surfaces. They arise because of the chemical reaction between the silicone base and the furniture coating. Usually, traces disappear after a few days if you remove the column . “
Also in the document, it is told where owners of HomePod can put a column, and what it is necessary to avoid – liquids and heat sources.
The full document you can find on  this link.

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