Hockey team prohibits their athletes from playing Fortnite on team trips

The Vancouver Canucks, the NHL hockey team, banned their athletes from playing Fortnite during team travel. The decision was made by veteran players, who said, ” There are a lot of cool cities we visited. Staying locked in your room playing Fortnite all night is a waste of your time,” Bo Harvat told TSN 1040.

The Battle Royale already has some history with the NHL, one of the largest hockey leagues in the world. In May, commentator Jeff Marek revealed that one of the best freshmen of the year could not maintain his career, and the reason would be an addiction in video games. The athlete’s name was not revealed, but the director of his team confirmed that the young man was on the advice of the games.

In the sports world, Fortnite is an absolute success. Champion of the last World Cup, Frenchman  Antoine Griezmann celebrated his goals by imitating one of the emotes of the game. In the NBA, American basketball league, there are several young talents who have also revealed the passion for the game.

If you are not a professional hockey player, you can play Fortnite on PlayStation 4Xbox OneNintendo SwitchPCAndroid, and iOS.


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