Home Smartphones HMD will have sold 16 million Nokia handsets in the third quarter

HMD will have sold 16 million Nokia handsets in the third quarter

HMD will have sold 16 million Nokia handsets in the third quarter

This year, among many other things, was marked by the return of Nokia to the smartphone market. This step was taken by HMD Global, a company founded in December 2016 to bring the legendary Finnish telecommunications company back to the market.

The year began in a promising way for the brand with the presentation of Nokia 6. This was the first smartphone that HMD unveiled us, having been temporarily a Chinese exclusive. But a month later this paradigm has changed and this and other equipment has been announced to the rest of the globe.

However, its arrival in the European market took a while. It was only in June of this year that we began to see Nokia again on the shelves of specialty stores. Model 3 was the first to hit the market.

It is also worth remembering the arrival of the reincarnation of the mythical Nokia 3310. This was a clear bet on the feeling of nostalgia of those who once owned one of these devices. For nowadays this type of gadget is manifestly limited, but this was not to prevent it from reaching the market.

HMD had a good first year with the revival of Nokia

But how did the company behave in the market? Will your sales have met expectations? Whether or not the expectations have been met we do not know yet but we already have an idea of what was sold by the outside world.

According to Counterpoint Research, HMD was able to sell 16 million Nokia handsets in the third quarter of this year. It should be mentioned that these are not official brand data, but they are still an excellent indicator of Nokia’s return to the market.

The data revealed now point to the sale of 13.5 million mobile phones and 2.8 million smartphones in this period. These values are not without curiosity given the current situation of the technological market and prove that the best of the brand in nostalgia gave results.


  1. WOw! @nokia once a best phone in the market before their downfall, i doubt if they could still gain that strength again… Thanks for the info boss.


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