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[Heavy Users] Revised Data Plan For Airtel, MTN & Etisalat

Competition bring the best out of every people….Mtn Airtel and Etisalat have been bringing new plans to win the heart of their user and add more users to their network, this data war started with Etisalat bring Social and Chat Plan  next was Airtel with the time base plan finally with Mtn crowning with ipluse plan of 25# One can only imagine what next week or month hold for us.

Airtel Unlimited Night Plan


  1. N100- Unlimited browsing for 1 hour between 11pm to 6am
  2. N200- Unlimited browsing for 2 hours between 11pm to 6am

How to subscribe to the Airtel Unlimited Night data plan?
First Migrate to the Airtel SmartTRYBE by dialling *312#Then  Dial *312*3# to subscribe to the Airtel Unlimited Night Plan

Airtel Revised Plan

Get 5GB for N2.500 dial *437*1#
7GB for N3,500 dial *438#
3.5GB for N2000 dial *437#
1.5GB for N1000 dial *496#
750MB for N500 dial *418# Valid for 14Days.
And 12GB for N5000
Mtn Night Plan
25# for 500MB between 12 pm to 4am you must be on ipluse to use this
*406*1# to migrate
Send night to 131 to Sub
1GB for N500 on deal zone package for pulse
Dial *406*2# (offer valid
for 7Days).
for N3,500(formerly  4.5GB). Dial
for N8000
(formerly 8GB). Dial *229*2*5#
for N10,000 (formerly 10GB). Dial *229*2*1#
N18,000 monthly, you now get 42GB (formerly 20GB). Dial *229*2*3#
They have all increased their data to encourage the user to use their network to browse…
what do you think about this plan

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