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Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery

Harry Potter Hogwarts Mystery

The next game studio  Jam City ,  the  Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery  (not to be confused with the next title in  Niantic , the  Wizard’s Unite ) is about to be presented. This new RPG ( role-playing game ) now receives a video trailer, preparing for its arrival at the Google Play Store, the official Android store.

Within this new game that will soon arrive in the Google Play Store players will be able to create a character, a new student who has just received his letter to Hogwarts. Next, you will have to attend classes, develop your skills and create bonds of friendship with other players. Eventually, there will also be some rivalries between players from other “Houses”.

All the action would take place in the universe  Harr and Potter and although for us no longer have an exact date for the launch of the game, we know that it will arrive in the spring. It will be distributed by  Portkey Games, a brand owned by  Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment.

The story and plot of the game will take place between the birth of Harry Potter and his first year at the school of witchcraft, Hogwarts. You can completely customize your character avatar. You can choose which of the four houses you will join, as well as the pet that will accompany you during the adventures. If you want, you can register here to stay abreast of all the news. Now we can see the new video presentation, the new trailer for the game.

Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery, coming soon on the Google Play Store

Once the game is ready to appear and available on the Google Play Store, we’ll also have a showcase event. This will take place at Universal Studios from January 26 to 28.

At the moment we do not know yet if this   Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery will arrive in the Google Play Store as being a totally free game to play. Whether it will be a premium title and whether or not you will have some in-game purchases. In any case, it is normal that you have some method of monetization. Personally, I believe it is a premium game and that, after the first payment, you can enjoy the whole game.

For now, we will have to wait for its official launch. You should also get to the iOS platform (for iPhone and iPad).


  1. The Game is nice! Look at it graphics, but I don’t like playing this kind of game Sha.. And the admin said that it might be premium! Huh..
    Thanks for the info

  2. Descent game Harry Potter! But why is it gonna be premium!?! Okay then, if it’s suggestion.. Let’s Wait till it’s officially launched.


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