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Hackers claim to have documents that tell “The Truth” about the 9/11 attacks


Last Monday (31) New Year’s Eve, hacking group The Dark Overlord announced that it had been able to invade the servers of a law firm that handled several cases concerning the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001, when two planes collided with the towers of the World Trade Center in New York.

Using the various conspiracy theories about the case to attract media attention, the group is blackmailing companies that have had their data stolen, saying it will reveal to the world the “secret behind the attack” if they do not receive a sum not yet specified in Bitcoins.

Along with the revelation of the invasion and the blackmail message, the group provided the access link to a cache with more than 10 GB of files taken from the servers. The cache for now is all encrypted, but the criminal group has already warned that it will provide the decryption keys if its requirements are not accepted.

In the message, the group claims to have documents from some of the world’s largest insurance companies, such as Hiscox Syndicates Ltd., Lloyds of London and Silverstein Properties, as well as cases involving politicians and agencies such as the Transport Security Administration (TSA). airport security regulations) and the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA, responsible for managing the country’s flights).

It is not known exactly what files the group had access to, but it appears that he is using conspiracy theories about the event – stating that it has “many answers” to the attack – trying to capitalize on the finding and convincing the public that such data has a greater importance than the real one.

This version is confirmed by a representative of Hiscox Group, who in an e-mail response to Motherboard said that the company’s servers had not been attempted to intrude, and that the company’s data was taken from a company’s servers. a lawyer who handled the litigation concerning victims of the September 11 attacks.

To show his seriousness, the group The Dark Overlord released access to some of the stolen documents, but all of them were innocuous and related to investigation and restitution actions common to any case of terrorist attack. Despite this, the group promises that the next released files will “tell the truth” about the attack, and asks companies to pay if they do not want to be responsible for what will happen if those documents come up.



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