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Hacker sells access to Apple’s internal tools

An unknown hacker claims that he has access to Apple’s internal tools that provide him with information about users. He bragged about it on his Twitter page, publishing various screenshots. The tool is the GSX Apple system, which is used by company employees to solve problems with support for users.

The hacker was given the serial number of a specific Apple Watch to verify the authenticity of his words, and he really managed to find out the model, series and kind of these watches. Although one detail in the screenshot was incorrect – the status of the guarantee.

In addition, the hacker claims that he sells access to the tool to at least 20 people per day, using a personal exploit that allows him to receive accounts and passwords. However, some sources report that the hacker has access only to the test version of GSX, which is used exclusively for development and does not threaten the privacy of users.

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“Basically, the instrument produces fake data,” the source says. In most cases, the information is either incomplete or generally incorrect, and you can not get real data with the tool.

Nevertheless, it’s still not clear how the hacker got access even to the test version. Fortunately, now he can not get real data, and there’s nothing to worry about.

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