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How to Hack login password on Windows 10 on HP Laptop?


Whenever the term HACKING resonates in your ear, it brings along a lot creepy thoughts with it. Isn’t it? Well sometimes in case of serious ordeals like forgetting Windows 10 login password to your own device, this turns out to be the only viable solution that you have to adopt. Besides, as long as your hacking your own system, there is no offence committed at all. Now HP laptops are a pioneer of the Laptop world and have gained much of the popularity it deserves and this is the reason you store your everything such as music, videos, images, movies, in it for your entertainment and folders, documents for your work purposes.

Now if suddenly you forget the password to your device for a certain account which is quite obvious if you are not using that particular account in a while, then you seriously don’t need to panic. The help is at your desk. The following article below will show the methods to solve this problem all on your own without the need of any external assistance if you are locked out of Hp laptop.

Method #1: Hack HP windows password by Recalling your Password

There are times, when the simpler than the simplest trick do away the job which the brain-crushing techniques fail to achieve. In the similar context, recalling your password is much more productive than to dodge your head with irrelevant technical ideas. Passwords to computers and laptops are mostly inspired by personal details of the user. Thus it is better to try out few of those possibilities beforehand trying out something reckless. Few of those hints are listed to below to churn your memory:

  • Favorite color
  • Favorite spot or location
  • Spouse or lover’s date of birth
  • Favorite number pattern
  • Vehicle number plate
  • Favorite food
  • Phone number, bank account number, ATM card number

If none of these seem to conjure up your memory for the good, then it is the time to try out something reckless, so better switch over to the next methods explained below.


Method #2: Reset HP login Password using Offline NT Password and Edit Registry Tool

Offline NT password is commonly called as chntpw. It is a powerful password resetting tool available on the internet market which removes nearly all kinds of passwords, be it admin account, root account, local user account, etc. It runs with almost every version of Windows, namely XP/ 7/ 8/ 8.1.

The steps to use the tool are broadened in simple steps as follows:

Step 1. Download the program file from the official website and create a bootable disk by burning the ISO image files using a spare working computer.

Step 2. Now connect the loaded bootable disk to your locked computer, and boot from the disk containing the offfline NT password program file. The screen would somewhat look like this.

Step 3. Press 1 to select the disk which has the Windows installed from the partitions of the drive with numbers and hit “Enter”.

Step 4. Input 1 to choose the part of the registry to be loaded and press “Enter”.

Step 5. After the main UI screen appears, press 1 once more and hit “Enter”.

Step 6. Choose the locked user account from the windows and hit “Enter”.

Step 7. Press 1 and once the password is cleared press “q” to exit the program.

Step 8. Finally enter “y” to write the changes and reboot your computer. It will take moment before you can actually enter your laptop again without any password prompt.


  • Offline NT password is a text based program which makes it a bit inconvenient.
  • The process is complicated for those who are new to using password removing tools.


Method #3: Reset HP Laptop Password with iSeePassword Windows Password Recovery Pro Software

If you are new to the world of password recovery tool, then make it imbibed in your mind that there is no powerful and wonderful password removing tool that iSeePassword Windows Password Recovery Pro tool. It actually manipulates your registry keys to remove your password protection feature from the login screen and no re-installation of OS is required and no data is lost in the process of password removal.

Key Specifications of the Tool:

  • It supports all the Windows desktop versions that are XP/ Vista/ 7/ 8/ 10.
  • It is compatible with all types of hard drives- SSD, HDD, NTFS, SATA, etc.
  • It requires no internet connection.
  • It supports windows server OS, namely Windows 2000/ 2003/ 2008/ 2018.
  • 24×7 online technical support is available.

Pre-Requisites to use iSeePassword Recovery Tool:

  • The iSeePassword program file.
  • USB or CD/DVD drive having at least 512 MB storage capacity.
  • An accessible computer.

Manual to use iSeePassword Recovery Pro Tool:

Step 1. Download the program file and install it with all terms and conditions.

Step 2. Choose “USB or CD/DVD” option from the media type depending upon the type of media drive you choose.

Step 3. Insert your USB drive and click “Burn USB” to burn the ISO image files and click “OK” to when you receive the message “Burning Successfully!”

Step 5. Take out the drive and insert it into the locked down computer. From the device priority menu in the BIOS settings, select the USB drive to load the program files into the locked down computer.

Step 6. Once the files are loaded, click on “Reset Password” and “Reboot” options.

windows Password Recovery Pro

Your computer will take a restart, but this time when the login screen turns up there will be no password entry.


To forget password is not as a bigger issue as it is when you delay in unlocking the locked out device of yours. Since all your documents and folders are stored in your laptop it is very much essential to hurry up. Now the first two methods mentioned above have got setbacks but the third method involving iSeePassword Recovery Pro tool is 100% efficient enough to resolve your issue in no time so you can totally rely on it for a guaranteed result.

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  1. Huuuh 😯! Despite the fact that system are partially designed with best privacy 🔏! Hacker’s has still gone far to release different apps for hacking! World is not secured again! Haha well done @admin

  2. Thanks for distributing this helpful information, as the matter of fact, it’s not just for hacking purpose, rather it helps in recovering your password. Thanks a lot.


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