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GTA Online set a new record

GTA Online set a new record

Despite the fact that several years have passed since its release, GTA Online not only does not slow down, but continues to gain popularity – the other day the game beat another record. According to the recent update of the official blog of Rockstar Games, in December last year, a multi-user action was marked by an unprecedented number of simultaneously playing gamers. And in general, the year 2017 was the most successful in the history of the online sandbox.

True, it should be noted that the exact figures of representatives of Rockstar are not shared, and therefore it remains only to believe them on the floor. As for the recent jump in the popularity of GTA Online, it really took place, and the reason for this was the release of a new update Doomsday Heist, which adds to the game a large-scale three-stage robbery and several new types of transport and weapons (including the “Easter eggs” from Red Dead Redemption 2) .

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To doubt that Grand Theft Auto V in general and GTA Online, in particular, remains one of the most popular games of our time is not necessary. Despite the generally not the most impressive average of 70,000 simultaneous players (on Steam) and the lack of an e-sports element, the game does not lose an audience even after 4 years after the release. Not so long ago, GTA V was recognized as one of the most financially successful projects in the history of the industry: by November 2017, the number of copies sold had exceeded 85 million. The same PUBG with its grandiose 3 millionth online is still far from such figures. Although the comparison is not entirely correct – the latter was presented only 9 months ago.


  1. GTA is a great game! I still remember one old version that i played on my school pc!
    This one is nice! I watched the clip video on YouTube!
    Thanks for the info.


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