Google will vaccinate these Chromebooks against the Meltdown vulnerability

Google will vaccinate these Chromebooks against the Meltdown vulnerability

The technology world has recently been shaken by the discovery of new vulnerabilities that could jeopardize the data security of all computer users, smartphones or tablets. Known as Meltdown and Specter, these vulnerabilities will have to be fixed by the companies responsible for the most varied operating systems, something Google will do for most of its Chromebooks.

It all started about a week ago. At the time, the technological world believed that only the processors developed by Intel in the last decade would be vulnerable. Later, when more details were known about this threat, it was discovered that it was transverse to all kinds of processors and brands.

This means that also the ARM processors, those that are used in our smartphones, were affected. AMD also was not immune to this problem, something that many users of these processors were ready to boast the day the threat was made public.

Chromebooks will also be fixed by Google against Meltdown

It is important to clarify the differences between the Meltdown and Specter vulnerability. In a simple way, the first is a failure at the level of the hardware itself to the extent that it allows access to physical memory. Specter is a bit more complex and can get involved with various devices based on internet browsing.

After this time, many companies have already put to work and vaccinated their products against Meltdown and Specter. Microsoft and Apple are just some of the companies that we can include in this range. It is now time for Google to reveal the full list of all Chromebooks that will be vaccinated against the Meltdown threat.

The table is extensive and can be consulted in full on the Chromium Wiki website. Here you can see the current state of all the Device listed in the fix for this problem. Here you can see those who are already vaccinated against Meltdown and those who will be vaccinated in the near future.

The current state of each model, with respect to its protection against Meltdown, can be checked in the penultimate column of the table. If your model is cataloged with a ” Yes ” or ” Not Needed “, then it is already safe.

If you’re a Chromebook or other tech gadget, do not hesitate to install the latest updates provided by your brand. If you do, surely sooner or later you will be safeguarded against these problems.

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  1. It’s nicely idea, they should safeguards all their products @google. But I am not a chromebook user as well. Thanks for the info.

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