Google to release 5 Preview versions before the final version of Android P

Google to release 5 Preview versions before the final version of Android P

Yesterday we would watch the availability of the first  Developer Preview of Android P. Google will officially present the 9th version of the operating system in mid-August if everything goes as planned. Until then, the American technology will make available more test/preview versions for all interested parties.

We will have a total of 5  Developer Preview of Android P before you can enjoy the full operating system. The second trial will arrive sometime in May, probably during or just before the annual Google I / O conference. The event will begin on May 8 and we will know more details about the next version of the operating system.

The following month, June, we will have two more  Android Preview Developer P. Here, the first will bring the final application of the user interface. It will also present the official software development kit  (SDK) and applications already completed. From here (3rd Preview), developers will be able to start optimizing their applications for Android P.

Moreover, it will be from June onwards that developers will be able to start publishing applications already targeted to Android P in the Google Play Store. This so that they can also start to have feedback from some users and of course, so they can gauge the performance of Apps.

Google will launch 5  Android Preview Developer  P

Following are the fourth and fifth  Developer Preview of Android P that will be aimed at anyone who wants to test the new operating system already slightly stable. For those who have Android Oreo 8.0 on their smartphones (with Android One / Go / Pixel) and want to test the new version. Note also that the next version of this operating system will jump from 8.1 to 9.0 and we will have several changes and visual improvements here compared to the present generation.

Google will launch 5  Android Preview Developer  P

Moreover, with the next version of Google’s operating system we will have the native support for the monkey, notch, cutout or notch of the Apple iPhone X. It will, therefore, be acceptance and official support for one of the characteristics that will undoubtedly mark the entire year of 2018 and 2019.

The new version will also improve the control of notifications and channels for notifications. These will be controlled in a group and not only individually, as is currently the case in Oreo. We will have more accessibility services and a strengthening of the positioning services, the Wi-Fi RTT. This way your smartphone will know your approximate position based on your proximity to Wi-Fi hotspots.

At this point the first  Developer Preview of Android P can already be installed on the original Google Pixel. The same happens in the Google Pixel 2. It is believed that the final version (already named) will arrive in the 3rd generation of the Pixel during the autumn.

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