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Google will bring sleep monitoring to any Android smartphone. Do you know how

Google continues to improve its Digital Wellbeing app. And the next big steps seem to be monitoring your sleep and what you call “Night Notes.”

In the latest beta version (1.0. 312292882) a feature has appeared in the application that aims to monitor your sleep habits. To this end, the user grants Digital Wellbeing and the Google Clock access to the apps he uses, motion sensor and light during bedtime (which he schedules) and also the time zone history.


Monitoring of sleep in the app “Digital well-being”. Credit: XDA-DevelopersIt is mentioned in the app that by giving permission for these two apps to access this data , the visualization of your sleeping habits will be guaranteed. The goal will be to tell you how many hours you spent in bed, and how many of these were or were not away from your smartphone. In addition, you are told when your sleep started and ended.

You will have full control of the data that will be used, if you activate this feature, and you will be presented with the data that is sent to the Clock app. If you turn off data monitoring, all existing data will be erased.

This promises to be an interesting feature for those who want to do basic sleep monitoring, but do not have any smartband or smartwatch to do so.

Never miss an idea again with the “Night Notes” feature

The “night notes” feature is also being prepared. These will allow you to take a quick note of those that come with the night, and you receive a notification in the morning to remind you of what you wrote down.

“Digital wellbeing” app on the Google Play Store

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