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Google will abandon Ubuntu and will use Debian

Google, a company we associate almost immediately with the search engine and Android. An open source operating system. Something that means that any interested party can take this source code and give it its “touch-up”. All this to illustrate the leaning and support of Google to open systems like Linux. However, your future will be more for Debian and not for Ubuntu.

As proof of this same support for the open operating systems, Google is one of the companies that develops and helps to improve Linux. Incidentally, its employees and employees are widely encouraged to use Linux, a version of Google’s own Ubuntu-based … let’s call it Goobuntu as the AndroidPolice tells us.

Now, this is something that will change. Instead of Ubuntu – Goobuntu – the American technology will use a custom version of Debian – gLinux. This is a perfectly common practice. There are several companies that use a good variety of operating systems in order to take advantage of each one’s assets.

Google switches Ubuntu from Debian

From macOS to Windows, of course, by Ubuntu. On its servers Google uses a modified version of Debian Linux, since 2014 that happens. And of course, without forgetting the Android system itself and Chrome OS since they are developed at the root by Google itself. It was strange if they did not use them.

On the other hand, in work environments where the Linux system is a prerequisite, Google uses a very personalized version of Ubuntu 14.04 called “Goobuntu”. The compilation that was never made available to the public. It is a working tool only for employees of this American technology.

Now, something quite peculiar. The news comes from the information released at a conference in August 2017. Yes, it is only now that the media have taken on this piece. More specifically, it was at DebConf in August 2017 (whose video can see at the end of the article) that Google announced this decision.

The company will abandon Ubuntu – Goobuntu – and will start using Debian. Or rather, a custom version of Linux, gLinux. This is based on the new Debian 10 and the company has already developed the tools necessary for a smooth migration. Gradually, they will go from Goobuntu to their gLinux.

Download will now be on Google


This change has some importance for the average consumer for two main reasons. Firstly, because Google will actively contribute to the development of the Debian Project instead of Ubuntu. Something that will benefit anyone interested in using Debian on their computers.

Already elsewhere,  Canonical, the company responsible for Ubuntu will lose one of its largest customers. However, it has not yet revealed any details about the lost profits.

However, gLinux should never be released publicly, just like its predecessor Goobuntu. Yet it is still interesting to know what technology leaders use in their day-to-day lives.

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  1. So sad.
    Am a fan of ubuntu but I wish google all the best.
    Thanks for info

  2. Harun Khalid Adeiza

    Interested news.. Google always update us and new new technologies.
    Thanks for the info.

  3. Have never experienced the Ubuntu before and i do not know anything about it, so i hope the new one they wanna introduce now should be of the best and helpfully. Thanks a lot for the info.

  4. Let’s see if it’s gonna be okay like Ubuntu! I know Google always invent nice things.
    Thanks for the info.

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