Home NEWS Google under fire over allegations of abuse of power

Google under fire over allegations of abuse of power

Google under fire over allegations of abuse of power

It seems that Google is under eye once again. This time it is India, whose antitrust commission is investigating the American giant.

The Mountain View company has some pending charges. The same is where Google abuses Android to block the competition.

Antitrust commissions have the role of regulating companies to avoid unethical tactics. However, Google does not seem to be “playing fair” at all.

The European Commission has fined Google 5 billion euros for not complying with rules

The European Commission has been “tightening” with Google since 2011. So this is a precedent situation.

It seems the Mountain View company is forcing manufacturers to have pre-installed applications. Not including the Play Store, we’re talking about apps like Google Search and Chrome. Although most people already use these applications, it is normal to understand this as “bloatware”.

However, Google declined to comment on any news source. However, this only further motivates the investigations by the Indian regulatory body.

In addition, last year the Indian commission fined Google $ 19 million. This is because the company uses the search engine to give priority to results that benefit business partners and advertisements.

Returning to the mobile market, the Android operating system accounted for about 98% of smartphones sold in 2018 in India. In addition, the Android One program is quite popular in the country. The mid and low range markets are of utmost importance in India.

In sum, it seems that the governments of the world are beginning to show companies that they can not do what they want. While it does not agree with complete government control of business, there are certain injustices that have to be balanced.


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