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Google tests automatic language detection for Translator camera

Google is testing the automatic detection of languages for the Google Translate app camera feature. Currently, the user needs to recognize the language and choose the option within the application. Otherwise, the tool does not work.

With the Google Translator camera feature, users are now able to use the smartphone’s lens to scan phrases and words printed on t-shirts or printed on books – the translation automatically appears on the phone screen. In this new version, Google also experiences a change of interface and new features to improve the quality of Translator translation when using the camera.

As part of the new interface, a bar has been added at the bottom of the application with the three available modes – Instant, Scan, Import. The Instant mode, currently represented by an eye-shaped toggle icon, now also receives a more descriptive button, the “Pause translation.”

Scan mode is very similar to previous versions, but there is a small change in the Clear button that allows you to deselect the highlighted word set. Also, Import mode lets the user select existing images in the Gallery on the phone to translate their content.

New features should reach Google Translator in version 5.29. The app is available for devices running Android and iOS operating systems.

Google Translator camera
Google Translator camera

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