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Google takes action against false information on Youtube

Google takes action against false information on Youtube

The Internet is, unfortunately a gigantic source of misinformation, even on sites with high reputations. In this sense, YouTube announced that it will implement a very important change in its platform.

The video sharing platform is working to implement a fact check panel in the search bar. For now the function is being tested only in India but the idea itself can be quite useful.

Youtube is adding these fact check panels to combat disinformation on certain hot topics. They will be linked to certified partners who are responsible for verifying the data.

This measure will help Youtube to fight disinformation channels

These new panels will appear only in video searches, not during playback. Content that contains misinformation will not be blocked in searches but will display the panels, if applicable.

We can see a practical example in the picture where there are claims of a medicine that contains a virus. The panel includes a description of the statement, its classification and more information below.


In theory, this is a very useful tool because the truth is that YouTube is stuffed with disinformation videos. On the other hand this tool can be used by political interests to discredit the so-called “inconveniences”.

Although YouTube is a company without any political affiliation, there are those who have already pointed out a certain ideological deviation on the platform. Google recently implemented something similar to counter false news.

As mentioned, for now the platform is being implemented and tested in India. Google has given no indication of dates or forecasts for a general implementation but is likely to happen later this year.


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