Google registers smartphone patent of the future! Unbelievable!

Google registers smartphone patent of the future! Unbelievable!

I can not mention this Google patent less than unbelievable. Ever wondered what the future smartphone looks like? The Mountain View company already has an idea identical to what we saw in the movie Minority Report.

The US company has just registered a patent that gives us a smartphone that will use radars in order to monitor movements to complete actions.

Although Samsung has already revealed something with an identical idea in the Galaxy S4 with the “Air Gestures”, this new patent from Google goes to another level.

Google wants to build a smartphone that does not need to be touched to interact

That is, Samsung used the sensors of the smartphone so you can see the movement made above it and complete an action. This new technology from Google wants to implement radars on the smartphone that create action with movement.

For example, imagine that you touch with your thumb and forefinger at the same time. This may tell your smartphone to click the button.


However, little is known about this patent. We only know that Google wants to make the smartphone of the future and that these radars will make picking up the Device not necessary. Since the implemented radars can read “through” of fabric, you can use the smartphone with gloves without problems.

In short, it is too early to draw conclusions about possible interaction with this technology. The idea is that you use Device without the need of touch. Something that promises to revolutionize the mobile world.

However, we must not forget that this patent is just that … A patent! There is no guarantee that the technology will go forward even if such a product can be presented.

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