Home NEWS Google questioned by US Department of Defense on partnership with Huawei

Google questioned by US Department of Defense on partnership with Huawei

Google questioned by US Department of Defense on partnership with Huawei

Google is being accused of favoring Huawei instead of the United States Department of Defense. Who says it is the American government.

Let’s start at the beginning. Google was assisting the US Department of Defense in a technology that would help drones identify people from objects. All this in order to avoid bombardment in places where civilians could be affected.

However, the technology could also be reversed. That is, attacking people more surgically. This partnership with the US government caused many employees of the American company simply to decide to rescind the contract with the American company for not wanting to cooperate with weapons for war.

Google has decided to take a decision to abandon the project and was immediately attacked by the Defense Department for supporting Huawei, which they say is in direct relationship with China’s communist government.

Google is accused of favoring Huawei and China instead of the US

It was reported that “Google is apparently more willing to support the Chinese Communist Party than the US military.”

A strong charge that forced Sundar Pinchai, Google CEO, to respond moderately.

Google said the company has partnered with several companies to improve Artificial Intelligence in technology products. However, no information from Google and its users is passed on to its partners.

This accusation comes after the US has broken deals with Huawei and US mobile operators for fear of spying on US users.

Huawei has had better days. With the administration of Donald Trump the rules have been tough. Chinese companies now look directly to Europe as a possible investment. An example of this is the entry of Xiaomi and OPPO into the European market.

OPPO enters Europe to fight the success of Xiaomi

We do not know where this is going to go. I’m honestly glad Google refuses to upgrade or build armaments.

It is important that countries be ready to defend themselves in the event of an attack. However, it would not be the first time the United States would wage a war just because it did.


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