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Google Play will have new parameters for children’s applications

As usual, Google has posted new parameters in its developer blog for apps made for kids. Policies are quite normal and common sense. However, Google will implement them severely.

The new policies are:

  • The app must follow certain personal information parameters if the app’s target audience is children.

Developers will have to choose the age of the audience when developing the app. If they choose the children’s audience, Google will ask more questions in order to determine the legitimacy of the application and its programmer.

  • Child-targeted apps must show appropriate ads from ad networks authorized by Google

Ads are an important part of any application that wants to be monetized. However, ads appearing on a children’s app should be appropriate for the intended audience and must come from trusted Google sources.

  • If an application is not intended for children, it should not be classified as such.

new parameters for children's applications
new parameters for children’s applications

With these tools, programmers can specifically choose the audience for their applications. This last parameter may seem too obvious but point out the use of common sense by not classifying an app as childish when it is not and vice versa.

When are the new parameters implemented?

According to Google, these new policies take effect as of today, date of publication. All new children’s apps on the way to the Play Store will have to go through this filtering and selection process.

Google has also allocated a period until September 1, 2019 for developers to complete the questionnaire for established apps. By that date, all app-related questionnaires must be completed.

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