Home Application Google Play Store updated with version 8.8.12 – Download APK

Google Play Store updated with version 8.8.12 – Download APK

Google Play Store updated with version 8.5.37 - Download APK

The technology of Mountain View, California, is constantly updating its official content store for the Android operating system. The Google Play Store that now comes to version 8.8.12 and whose APK you can now download here at the end of this article. First of all, let’s see what’s new in this version for the most popular Apps store in the world.

The official store of the Android operating system has now received a new version. It is version 8.8.12  The new APK that comes with a new cumulative update with minor adjustments implemented by the North American technology.

At this point most likely I believe you’ll be using version 8.7.10 as the distribution of the new version of the Google Play Store has not yet reached all regions. As always, the updates are distributed gradually and fairly phased.

However, at the aspect level, the design of the store itself does not appear to be major changes. At least to the naked eye, after installing it in my Redmi Note 4 I could not identify new menus, tabs, colors or any aspect of the previous version. You might be luckier than I am.

? Download Google Play Store APK (version 8.8.12)

The technology giant often launches periodic updates to its Google Play Store and although changes are not always apparent, sometimes the improvements are well-known with long-term use. We can expect here a reinforcement of stability and even security improvements over the App.

Through the APK provided above, you can now download and install the latest version of the official Android store. Give it a try and let us know if you felt any difference!


  1. Okay boss…. Thanks for sharing this awesome update. Gonna give it a try after gotten my phone ? from Jumia.com.ng


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