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Google Play Store Receives VLC 3.0 with Chromecast Support

It is one of the most widely used media players or multimedia programs on the planet. Easily recognizable by its orange icon. In the form of a signalling cone, VLC 3.0 now comes to the Google Play Store. Comes full of news and already includes support for the Google Chromecast device.

But … what does this mean for the average user? Well, last month one of the most anticipated features for VLC 3.0 in its version for Android would reach the Beta. The test version. Now, it has received one of the biggest updates since 2012 and we have good news here.

In addition to the typical bug fixes. VLC 3.0 has now arrived in the Google Play Store and the Web with the same version number. In the first place, the company responsible for its development decided to standardize the mobile version and the version that we use in our computers.

From now on both the version in the Google Play Store and the version you can download to your PC will have the same number. However, the biggest news coming to VLC 3.0 now is the native support for Google Chromecast.

The Google Play Store already has VLC 3.0 – support for Chromecast

This new feature is now available in all versions of the program/application, so far it was only available in the beta in the Google Play Store. Now, if the codec of the media that you are trying to play is natively supported by your Chromecast device will serve as a source of content. Essentially it will serve as a streaming server. On the other hand … your mobile device will be required to transcode and send the data ( stream ) at the same time. Something that will undoubtedly have a strong impact on battery life.

And if you’re wondering why VLC 3.0 took so long to get support for Google Chromecast … there are good reasons for that. VLC is a fully open source, unlike the Chromecast SDK. VideoLAN (the programmers responsible for VLC) decided to create their own tools rather than using Google’s.

In addition to support for Chromecast, in the new version we also have better support for Chrome OS. It also features enhancements for Samsung DeX and several bug fixes for Android. You can download the app HERE from the Google Play Store HERE.

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  1. Harun Khalid Adeiza

    That’s embarrassing update for VLC. It was one of my favorite media player.. Will give it a try and see the new added features..
    Thanks a lot for the info

  2. This isn’t embarrassing, now with Chromecast support it gonna more better than it was, let me also download it, VLC is one of my best player

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