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Google Play Store dominated by the Samsung Galaxy S9 Android App


Following the launch of the Samsung Galaxy S9 and Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus last Sunday, February 25, the Unpacked App (App) became extremely popular. In effect, it would only be after the event that this application for Android would reach historical maximums of popularity in the Google Play Store. It would be from that day that thousands of people would install the application.

The Unpacked App for Android shows us a lot of information about Samsung’s Android range tops, their Galaxy S9 and S9 +. Moreover, for those who were at the MWC (Mobile World Congress), through the application they could see a 3D model of the Samsung Galaxy S9 in their hands. A little “trick” mediated by Augmented Reality or RA. Now we have the data from the analysis agency, Apptopia.

According to data from this analytics company, in the Google Play Store for Android, the Unpacked application ranked 228th in the most popular Apps. This is until February 24 in the United States of America. Shortly thereafter, within the “Events” category in the Google Play Store, the app would move up to 48th place on February 25th. Since then its popularity has continued to rise.

Immediately following the launch of the Samsung Galaxy S9, on February 26, 2018 the Unpacked application was the 6th most popular in the entire Google Play Store. This is in the “Events” category within the Android Apps and Content store. Here again, the data was provided by Apptopia agency.

The trend remained and peaked at the peak of popularity on February 27, 2018, two days after the presentation of the new Android range tops. In a short space of time there would be thousands of users downloading and installing this App through the Google Play Store. All this to simply get to know the news of both mobile devices of South Korean technology. Even so, the most commonly used way to view the Unpacked event at the Mobile World Congress would not be this application.

The android application would become extremely popular

The sudden and extreme popularity of the Android mobile application.

This title would belong to YouTube. With a  Livestream or live stream from Barcelona, the brand’s official channel had more than half a million viewers. That’s right before we start. As it happened and finally ate to be broadcast the event we had another 100 thousand people to watch live. The impact of the Samsung Galaxy S9 presentation event had repercussions on all media.

Download Samsung Unpacked on the Google Play Store HERE

Samsung’s Unpacked application has never been very popular. It remained a niche application for fans of the brand and for anyone who wanted to see the presentation of the new tops range. In fact, according to the Apptopia data in January did not have much more than 10,000 facilities. Immediately before the introduction of the Samsung Galaxy S9 the application would exceed 100,000 installations through the Google Play Store.

Meanwhile the number of installations on Android devices would continue to climb, the popularity of gamma tops is on the rise. In fact the new Samsung Galaxy S9 will hit the markets on March 16. Until then the brand is launching an intense marketing engine  . Advertising, advertisements, dedicated videos on YouTube and by various content creators ( youtubers ) and much, much more.

In short, golden results are predicted for Samsung’s new generation of top tops.


  1. I have been saying this.. Samsung is a giant brand and not just by name, just some days back now look what they have earned! Wish them more advancement.


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