Google Play Store: 9 free offline games that you have to try on your Android!


Today we have a list of offline games for you. These are games that will not consume data or need an internet connection so you can play them in full. They are also games with good ratings on the Google Play Store and completely free.

9 free offline games on the Google Play Store

2 Images 1 Word

In this game you must be able to guess the word, using two images. You have to pay attention and get it right, it’s a game that you can play with friends.


Become the master archer in this fun and very cartoon-looking game.

Legend Guardians – Action RPG offline fighting games

Evolve and become the ultimate guardian. This is a free and offline RPG, which means that if you play, it will be a very immersive experience, without intrusion.


Inspired by Tron, this game puts you on a futuristic bike in a world full of neon and special effects. The soundtrack is also excellent.

Last Hope TD – Zombie Tower Defense Games Offline

Your tower is the last hope against hordes of zombies. Build your defenses and pray that it is enough to stop the undead!

Throne Offline

Obviously inspired by the Game of Thrones, Throne Offline is a game that takes place on the Ice Wall, where you must defend yourself against the enemies that came from the ice. Where are you Jon Snow?

Major Gun – Free Offline Shooting Game

Take on the role of Major Gun and destroy your enemies.

Endless Quest: Hades Blade – Free idle RPG Games

This game reminds me of the first PlayStation JRPGs. This will guarantee you hours and hours of endless fun.

Fruit Ninja®

A classic that should be remembered.

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