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Google Play Games gets new update with Dark Mode and more

The Mountain View company has updated virtually all of its applications over the past few months, bringing several design changes that made them much more homogenous. Now it’s Google Play Games’ turn.

The game management application has now begun to receive the update to version 5.14 and brings some interesting news. This may not be the most commonly used app for most users, but it has some pretty cool secrets.

With this new update, Google Play Games now supports the popular ‘Dark Mode’, which transforms all aspects of its interface, offering a more pleasing experience to look at.

Google Play Games is the latest application to receive Dark Mode

You’ll also find news on the shortcut of the app that you can put on your  homescreen . So with this new version, you will be able to access your most used or recently installed games, by means of a long press of the icon on your  homescreen.

If you’re one of those players who loves to keep your  achievements  under constant eye. Now you will be able to organize them so that you have the hardest to conquer in the front line.

Another small addition you’ll be able to find is support for animated icons within Google Play Games. These animations will only be present in the Google Games that come integrated within the application. However, it will definitely give a  boost to the look of the game gallery within the application.

Finally, during APK’s break-in, the Android Police team  found traces of a novelty that may be about to be implemented. So, after we see the introduction of the mythical ‘Solitaire’. The developers team  is getting ready to bring us another classic Windows  sure that the name ‘Minesweeper’ is already going through your head.

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