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Google ‘Pixel Themes’ will allow you to customize the icons of your smartphone!

Google 'Pixel Themes' will allow you to customize the icons of your smartphone!

XDA developers recently explored the Android Q Beta 2 running on the Google Pixel 3 XL and found an interesting app. It’s called ‘Pixel Themes’ and will eventually be listed on the Google Play Store.

This app will allow Pixel users to change the colors, font and format of the icons. It will be a personalization tool of Google’s own, without third-party apps.

For now Pixel Themes is just what it calls a ‘stub’ or the suggestion of an app. It means that it is there to occupy the space of the future full app but anyone who knows how to search, will find.

Google will allow even more personalization in their Pixel

However, this stub contains some information about the app. From there we can get predictions of the themes and the aspect of each one. For now, 3 different themes have been discovered.

  • Anthony: round or circular icons, black color, Rubik font.
  • Johanna: icons filled, green color, font Arvo and Lato.
  • Reiko: circular or drop icons, purple color, Arbutus font.

In addition to these customization choices, the app will also have a choice of wallpapers. Eventually, Google may deploy even more customization options. 

Once the app is ready, it can be found directly in the Google Play Store. It is very likely that the app will already be pre-installed on Google Pixel.

This seems to be part of an effort to standardize icons by Google. It was recently announced that the icons in the Play Store would go on to have a pattern, regardless of the programmer’s choice.

In conclusion, Pixel Themes will be an excellent choice for owners of Google Pixel smartphones. However, let’s hope that other Android Q users can also take advantage of the app.


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