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Google Pixel stand: the smartest wireless charger ever

Google Pixel stand the smartest wireless charger ever

The Google Pixel Stand is the smartest wireless charger ever launched by Google. Wireless charging is a feature that is becoming popular, not only in the top smartphones but also in some entry-level smartphones.

But if your smartphone has to be in the charging cradle to charge, why not take advantage of that for something else? Google did so and called it Pixel Stand.

Following the presentation of several products, there was also the launch of a smart charging base, which may have gone unnoticed.

The new Google Pixel 3 already supports Qi charging (wireless) and with this Google took the opportunity to launch its charger. While Pixel 3 loads, Google Assistant is “on duty”.

The Google Pixel Stand is a vertical stand for charging, where the smartphone continues to be handy while charging. This is not at all the first vertical base, but it is the first charging base designed to think about the continued use of the smartphone. Thus, features such as calendar, messages, alarms, video call, and music are still available from the Google wizard, making the smartphone as something similar to Google Home Hub, a smart screen for consultation of diverse information and smart home control.

When charging, it can serve as a digital photo frame with Google Photos photos, the alarm is triggered intelligently to allow a gentle wake-up, and the smartphone, when placed on the base at the usual bedtime, automatically switches to the Do Not Disturb mode. Of course these features are an integral part of the Google Pixel 3/3 XL and are only available when used together.

Google Pixel Stand in Action


The Pixel Stand has fast charging with a maximum power of 10W (hence maximum current of 2A), and also lets you load the Pixel 3 horizontally. It is compatible with other smartphones with Qi wireless charging and is available as a pre-purchase at the Google store for $ 79.


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