Personalize your smartphone with the Google Pixel 3 wallpapers

Personalize your smartphone with the Google Pixel 3 wallpapers

Google Pixel 3 is right here at the door and nothing like starting downloading the wallpapers from the device to your smartphone in order to welcome you.

Much has been said about Google Device. The new smartphones of the American company will arrive in model “normal” and “XL” and a seriously questionable design.

While the Google Pixel 3 should bring a front design identical to the Aquaris X2 Pro BQ, the Pixel 3XL should feature a huge monoblock on the front of the smartphone.

There are those who believe that this monocle will not be real. Rumors about the Pixel 3 XL are becoming more concrete, however, many believe that all this is a move from Google to reveal a totally different device.

The Google Pixel 3 wallpapers are stylish and quality

Regardless of your design, wallpapers are always something that is worth downloading on the Device. If you like to be constantly changing wallpapers, you have more solutions here to do it.

In order to give your smartphone the most appealing look, you’ll be happy to know that these wallpapers are in top quality. You just need to address the link and download the applications directly from Google Photos.

As for Google Pixel 3 I’m seriously curious to know what’s coming. Although the rumors are very specific and concrete, I want to believe that the Mountain View company has managed to do better than that huge notch.

In short, I’ve always liked the Pixel devices because they give us the purest Android software that can exist. However, they never managed to conquer me with the design of the device. Unfortunately, I do not think this year is very different.

All Pxiel 3 wallpapers at maximum quality here

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