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Rumors: Google Pixel 2 to Feature Snapdragon 836 SOC

We all know that Google is working on a follow-up to Pixel it last year device, but the details of the device remain unconfirmed at this point. Rumored new features include a price bump, a better camera, and waterproofing.  Rumors flying around the web is the about the Google Pixel 2 specific spec which is namely the inclusion of the Snapdragon 836 which is said to be featured on the device.

That goes against rumors we’ve been hearing of late, which claim the next processor from Qualcomm will debut on the upcoming Samsung Galaxy Note 8. A slightly upgraded version of the flagship Snapdragon 835 chipset found in such phones as the Galaxy S8, this 836 chipset will come with an incremental performance bump.

But it seems Samsung will not be making use of the processor if the latest rumors, which arrive via a new report, are accurate. Last year, Google was the first to use 2016’s equivalent to the 836 – the Snapdragon 821 – in its first Pixel phone and Pixel XL, so it would make sense for things to be similar this year.

However, the Note 8 is expected to launch at an event on August 23, and many were indeed expecting Sammy to debut the new processor on its upcoming phablet. Either way, it seems logical for the Pixel 2 to make use of the 836, though previous reports have hinted at the Snapdragon 835 being included. Google is expected to launch two new Pixel devices this year, a smaller version is expected to be built by HTC and a larger, more capable device to be in development over at LG.

At this point, however, that’s all just rumor. We’ve got nothing in the way of confirmed specs about the Google Pixel 2, so take this all with the usual pinch of salt for now.

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