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Google Photos prepares to have more features

Google Photos prepares to have more features

Google Photos is one of my favorite apps. The Google app is basically what I’ve always wanted. In addition to giving us a cloud for all photos and tassel videos has cross-platform integration. You can either view your photos on a PC, Mac, Android or iOS.

However, the application is not perfect. If you want to save the images in the original quality (4K videos for example) you will only have 15GB of memory. Even so Google is “generous” enough to keep them in decent quality.

I say “generous” in quotation marks because we all know that the application does not give us something fantastic tassel. By using the service we are giving Google a training tool for their artificial intelligence. Since there is no human who sees my photographs, I do not care much about it.

Google Photos will have integration of 360º photographs and editing features

The new application update coming soon will give users more possibilities. With the new update you will be able to save and edit photographs taken in 360º. We still do not know for sure how this content will be visualized, however, it is believed that Virtual Reality glasses are the most likely.

AndroidPolice has also discovered code for “trimming” and “correcting color”. These new features should do exactly what the name implies.

Google Photos is not exactly the best application for editing photos. If you want something for editing on mobile try Snapseed, also from the Mountain View company. It would be interesting to have a Snapseed junction in the “Photos”. It would eliminate an application, it is true, however, Google Photos was much more capable!


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