Home Application Google Photos: Follow these steps and you will never lose your photos

Google Photos: Follow these steps and you will never lose your photos

Google Photos Follow these steps and you will never lose your photos

Google Photos is a fantastic application that many users are unaware of. For many nerds this is not new news, however, these nerds certainly know someone who does not know how to enable automatic upload in Google Photos. Do those friends and family a favor and share this article with them.

In this quick little tutorial, we’ll teach you how to automatically save your photos to Google’s cloud without paying anything for it. Every time you take a picture it automatically goes to the cloud. Do not worry, we will only enable Wi-Fi upload so you do not spend your data.

First, we obviously have to install Google Photos on your smartphone. You will go to the Google Play Store or Apple App Store and install the app. This tutorial is for both Android and iOS. Both situations are free to do so.

The application weighs an average of 25MB. If you have an entry-level smartphone make sure you have room for it.

Google Photos keeps all your photos and videos without paying anything

Once the application is already on your smartphone it will enter the application. Usually, when you open the application, you’ll see a lower Popup that asks if you want to do an Auto Backup.

Note that if you upload in “high-quality” that storage is unlimited and free. Note also that it will only upload via Wi-Fi. That is, you will not spend data with such upload.

If for some reason this did not appear or clicked too soon it did not. Follow these steps. Before that, look at the image below and notice the directions it shows you. If this happened and you activated it, that’s it! If you want to be sure, follow the next steps.



Notice the “cloud with a line up”. This means that your photos and videos on your smartphone are not saving to Google Photos. The goal is to “take that risk”.

Click on the 3 scratches in the upper left corner. Follows definitions. I have my smartphone in English but it follows exactly the steps of the images.

Follow the images below carefully


Click Backup & Sync and activate the icon. You’ll notice it tells you that you have 15GB, but rest assured this is only for Google Drive. Just be sure that where it says “Upload Size” is “free with high-quality.


As simple as that. The steps on the iPhone are basically the same. Now, whenever you take a photo Google Photos takes a copy.

Then go to the application and settings and click on “clear smartphone” and erase all the photos you have repeated in the equipment gallery.

When you change phones one day you only need to install the Google Photos app and all your photos and videos will be in your new device.

Remember to share this type of articles. I know there are very good people who pay for this kind of services and there is no need for it.


  1. It’s a great time man! Really appreciate it.. Before it’s mega cloud i do use.. But now do you mean, if we use wifi only and then you are not connected to wifi it will still back up your pictures?


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