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Google Photos: a huge update is coming! Find out what's new (APK download)

The new Google Photos update has arrived, which promises to give a new life to the application. Google Photos has grown in popularity over the years and it’s normal. After all, it is a free cloud where we can store all our photos and videos.

The new update will bring relevant news to the application. News that we explored in previous articles. However, that only now is reaching all users. Still, there are details that may take a little longer to arrive because they are server updates not in the APK. By the way, the new APK is available for download below.

New Google Photos main design

Google Fotos barras

Google has prepared some GIFs to show us the news of the update. One of them is the tabs that we can find at the bottom of the screen. We have the “photos”, “research” and “library”. However, this addition does not remove the search from the top of the application. However, it may be the next step to take.

Searching the map

Googl eFotos no mapa

This is also a feature that we already mentioned in Androidvillaz. This new update lets you search the map for the photos you’ve already taken. Perfect functionality to remember the best moments on the map and know that there is still much to discover on this huge planet.

New soon comes to Google Photos

Google Fotos

Google also brought a new logo to the application. We have seen a change in the icons of the company’s applications and after Google Maps, it’s time to be Google Photos.

Install the new version via APK

Google Fotos nova APK download

You can install the new version of Google Photos via APK here on APK Mirror. Just make sure that you know how to install an APK on your smartphone and that you choose the most suitable version for your smartphone (the first option should work on most smartphones).

After installing the APK you just need to restart your phone (not always) to see some of the changes mentioned. It is worth remembering that not all the news is in the APK. Some will only arrive via server updates from Google.

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