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Google pays up to $ 30,000 to anyone who discovers security holes in Chrome!


Google has announced that it will reward up to $ 30,000 who discover vulnerabilities in browsing Chrome. These rewards are part of the Vulnerability Rewards Program, launched in 2010.

The program has received more than 8,500 reports from the beginning. The rewards given by Google in total already exceed $ 5 million.

The more detailed the report, the greater the reward

Google has a step where it details the security holes and the amounts paid to those who discover them. A simple failure can have a basic reward of $ 500 to $ 1000. If you submit a detailed report and demonstrate how the failure works, your ‘premium’ is greatly increased.

Google Rewards Tier Table

It all depends on the flaw you find and the way you send it to Google. If you know programming and code, you can try your luck, maybe you’ll get a few euros in the process.

Bluetooth protocol has revealed a security flaw

In a related situation, a vulnerability in the Bluetooth Low Energy protocol was discovered. The consequence of this failure is the leak of user data on various Apple and Microsoft devices.

However, the report by the Universities of Boston, Switzerland and Stockholm indicates that this failure did not affect Android. This is because the code that Android phones send to Bluetooth devices is always changing, neutralizing the security flaw.


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