Home NEWS Google will not release fix for KRACK threat before December

Google will not release fix for KRACK threat before December

Google will not release fix for KRACK threat before December

Last month we saw a new and serious threat to all Wi-Fi enabled devices. This was known as KRACK and being something that directly affects any Wi-Fi connection, this means that any Android smartphone is also affected. As such, we are anxiously awaiting the arrival of a fix for the problem by Google.

When KRACK was known, the Mountain View company made it known that it would be this November that the vulnerability would be fixed. In fact, all indicators were that November 6, 2017, security update would make Android smartphones immune to this new threat.

KRACK threat


However, with the release of the security update in question, we know that Google has not yet corrected the KRACK threat. This fact was verified by the staff of Ars Technica and later, Google itself confirmed that this will not happen until December.

Google security update against KRACK should still arrive before Christmas

The reason for this postponement has not yet been clarified, but those most concerned about their security are anxiously awaiting correction. At this point, there are already many OEMs that have taken precautions against this threat, so it should be a matter of time before Google follows the same path.

In a succinct and clear way, this KRACK threat affects the WPA2 security protocol of all Wi-Fi networks. Otherwise, this is precisely the most widely used protocol in the world these days.

The hack is carried out with the forced reinstallation of the security keys of these networks. Once done successfully, any type of data of any user will be exposed to the users. We are talking about credit card numbers, passwords, documents and files, emails, etc.

So it is only in December that the Android smartphones will begin to be vaccinated against this threat. Once Google makes the security update available, Pixel and Nexus devices will be the first to access it. The remaining equipment will be subject to the policies of updating its own brands.



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