Google monitors your location even if geolocation services are turned off

If you use Google applications like Maps or Search, on your iOS device and specifically turned off geolocation services so that the company can not track your location, then we have bad news for you.

According to the Associated Press, Google services do not stop tracking your location even after you’ve turned off geolocation services.
Even if you have geolocation services disabled, there is another option in the Settings – “Web & App Activity”. When it’s on, Google can snapshot your location when you use the company’s applications. That is, when you open the Google Maps app, the company will save a snapshot of your current location.
Even if you just use a search, the app will determine your location and this information will be stored in your Google account.
Here’s what Google writes about it:
“There are several different ways to use your geolocation to improve your user experience, including: location history, application activity, and geolocation services. We provide a detailed description of each of the tools and the ability to disable them or clear the history at any time. “
If you turn off the geolocation history, Google will no longer be able to access information about your past location, but the company will not stop tracking you later. If you want to completely prevent tracking, you must disable the “Web & App Activity” option.
“You can view your location on your Google account at”
Users, certainly, should be aware of this information, especially if they were hoping that they secured themselves from tracking by disabling the location history.
Unsurprisingly, Google uses several methods of geolocation of users, but it would be more appropriate to report this earlier.


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