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Google may launch first beta of Android P mid this month


As is customary every year is expected by the next version of Google’s mobile operating system. This is for now known as Android P and should still be missing a lot until we know the final designation of this version. One thing is certain, it will be named based on a sweet or dessert.

This is the tradition of Google to name the various versions of its mobile operating system. A way to sweeten a little more one of its main assets. In addition, everything is done alphabetically.

But what matters most in the technological community is its functionality. What can be added to our daily life is better and better. This is only beginning to measure as soon as it’s time to get your hands on the first Android test version.

It has been a habit for Google to make a first preview available for spring break. Now in 2018 and with Android P out there, things should be no different.

According to Evan Blass, a respected source in the technology world, the first Android preview developer preview will be available in mid-March. To rely on the words of this leakster, we are a few weeks from receiving the first taste of the new taste of Android.

What to expect from Google’s Android P?

Although we are still in the realm of speculation, there are already several advanced news for Android P. It is said that this version may support a native call recording announcement. All so that those on the other end of the line know when a call is being recorded.It is recalled that the same version for Android Oreo was made available on March 21. Therefore, it is not unreasonable that a year or so later we shall know his successor. However, we must also take into account that the company does not have the habit of announcing in advance the availability of this type of compilations.

We can also count on a ban on accessing the cameras and microphone of your smartphone. If this happens, it will no longer be possible for third-party applications to access these components that jeopardize users’ privacy.

It is even said that Android P will officially support the “monocles” or ” notchs ” that many manufacturers seem to want to adopt. A greater adaptation of the operating system interface for this new design fashion in smartphones.

All this, and many more, will begin to be verified as soon as the first developer preview has been released to the public. There is always the possibility that some of these novelties never get to see the light of day, giving rise to others.


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