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Google marks event for next month! Google Chromecast and more on the way

Google has scheduled an event for the next July 8th and the news will be interesting, but not for all technology lovers.

Apparently, this Google event will be for Smart Home. That is, no smartphones or smartwatches or mobile gadgets.

A new Google Home on the way

Google Home

After Google has discontinued the first Google Home, it waits this event is expected to bring the successor. We don’t really know what to expect from this gadget, we only know that Google has implemented the NEST ideology in its “Smart Home” gadgets, and it is expected that it will continue.

The event will be presented by Michele Turner, head of Google’s Smart Home department. So we can see how this event will be focused on this technology.

The event will last 45 minutes therefore, it is also expected that the new Google Home will not be the only gadget to be officially revealed.

New Google Chromecast is almost guaranteed

Since we are talking about Smart Home, it is also almost guaranteed that we will see the new Google Chromecast in this presentation. The rumors and leaks have said that we will have a small gadget with Android TV and a remote.

The value of Google Chromecast should be higher than the gadgets already released, however, the features will also be much more vast. Still, there are those who believe (I hope) that Google will launch a gadget similar to the Chromecast that we have at this moment for a more advantageous price.

Where you can see the Google event

There are still no links to see the event, however, you can register your name “here” so that you are notified when this happens.

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