Home NEWS Google Maps will bring directions in augmented reality soon

Google Maps will bring directions in augmented reality soon

Google Maps will bring directions in augmented reality soon

The Mountain View company has been one of the most invested in the development of augmented reality technologies, developing the popular Google Lens. Now it does not look like it should take too long until the technology is also applied to Google Maps.

Soon, Google Maps will start the first phase of testing its new augmented reality features. This new feature will bring the directions of route directly to the ‘your world’ through the screen of the smartphone. In a way, a little ‘Pokemon Go’ style.

This first information comes from the Wall Street Journal’s opportunity to test functionality. According to your first impressions, the implementation of augmented reality in Google Maps is done in a brilliant way.

Google Maps and Augmented Reality looks like an accident waiting to happen …

Nowadays, there are already many accidents/incidents that happen because people walk the ‘smart face’ to the smartphone while they walk through the cities. With this new implementation, it’s hard to imagine that this scenario will not get even worse.

However, Google remembers that this new feature will not come with the goal of becoming the main form of navigation. Instead, it should be used as a complement to navigation.




Further, as one would expect, the implementation of Augmented Reality will be unique to ‘pedestrians’. And it will never reach the users who are driving. In this first phase, the augmented reality for Google Maps will only reach specific urban areas of the United States. In order to receive important feedback.

Finally, as reported by 9to5Google, this new implementation will be able to indicate with surprising accuracy where the user is located. This level of accuracy is only possible thanks to the ability to identify prominent points around you.


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