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Google Maps gets updated with a new badge system

Google Maps gets updated with a new badge system

I doubt you’ve ever used Google Maps over and over again, albeit for little things, this is one of the best free navigation services you can find on the market, and it comes pre-installed on your Android. That being said, it will be doubtful that you have never heard of Google Maps and even your Local Guides.

The application of this service is often updated to receive improvements and some bug fixes, but it is not only Google engineers who can improve this App. Thanks to the “Local Guides” program, virtually anyone, yourself, can also collaborate.

Contributors or Google Maps Guides will have new badge system

It’s precisely this Local Guides program that Google wants to improve. To make it easier to see the contribution of the guides and so that they can make this service even bigger.

From information about any location in question, experiences, photographs, advice and any other information that may be important to the user. For all the Local Guides the new insignia will already be available.

Google Maps gets new badge system

To stimulate this user collaboration Google is implementing, or preferably has done so with this new update, a new badge system within Google Maps to reward users who invest a little bit of free time to share information with others and, in this way, improve the service as a whole.

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The more you collaborate, the higher your level and, consequently, your insignia. With three collaborations you will be a beginner and, as you travel, you will always be able to share more information until one day you eventually reach the Master level.

The technological giant also intends with this new system of badges to make the platform a little more interactive, also stimulating the competition among Local Guides so that they feel more and more tempted to share their knowledge. Although this may not have the desired effect only time will tell.


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