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Google Maps for Android finally brings functionality long present in iOS!

Google Maps continues to present itself as the most popular navigation application ever, for both Android and iOS. Although Android belongs to Google, on numerous occasions over time we have seen iPhones receive updates for Maps long before Android users.

This is another excellent example of this, since the Google Maps version for iOS had this option available for a long time. Despite being reportedly available in some beta versions of the application, Google Maps users on Android did not yet have access to vehicle customization options.

Google Maps Android

Unlike what happens in Waze, where there are countless options to customize the icon that represents your car in map, Google Maps was so far limited to the traditional blue arrow. Now, with the new update (v 10. 52. 2) you will now have at your disposal a red car, a yellow SUV and a green pickup truck.

How to customize your car on Google Maps

Although Google has not officially confirmed the implementation of this new option, several reports have confirmed that as of the referred version, it is already available on all Android smartphones.

To choose your new icon is very easy, as soon as you start a new navigation, click on the blue arrow icon and a new tab to choose the vehicle will appear at the bottom of the screen.

As you would expect, once the icon is chosen, it will also interact with the map in the same way as with the arrow. Although this is not one of the biggest innovations in terms of interface, it is undoubtedly an addition that will bring a small breeze of fresh air to the application.

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