Home NEWS Google leaves 6 million Android smartphones with new decision

Google leaves 6 million Android smartphones with new decision

Google leaves 6 million Android smartphones with new decision

Google has decided to abandon 6 million Android smartphones because the hardware can not handle it any more. This must have been the conclusion that Google arrived after leaving aside all Android smartphones with Ice Cream Sandwich aside.

Although 6 million seem like many smartphones abandoned by Google, we must realize that in the Android universe there are 2 billion active smartphones worldwide. As such, the older versions were expected to no longer be supported by the Mountain View company.

According to Google, Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich smartphones no longer receive updates on the Play Store and Play Services. 

Google says goodbye to Ice Cream Sandwich and more than 6 million Android smartphones

So, the 6 million Android smartphones will no longer work with new applications that may come out, or no longer have compatibility with applications that make updates and changes also leave the system.

The Samsung Galaxy Nexus was the first to arrive with this software on December 16, 2011. That is, Google abandoned the system almost 7 years after its launch.

While there may be many criticisms, it is perfectly acceptable for Google to discontinue the operating system. It’s just a shame that 6 million devices continue to feature such an old system. Let’s hope the future brings less fragmentation.

Manufacturers are responsible for this fragmentation. Although Google showed Project Treble a few days ago and many of the manufacturers have joined the system, we still have delays in launching the updates. A pity for smartphones with the green little doll software.


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