Home NEWS Google is preparing to develop its first smartwatch

Google is preparing to develop its first smartwatch

Google is preparing to develop its first smartwatch

Throughout last year, rumors about Google being developed a smartwatch itself filled the gossip runners of the tech market – but this year it looks like they will finally stop being rumors, as Google seems to be hiring people with experience and skill to really develop a smartwatch for the company.

According to the page of open positions of Google, the company is looking for someone to the position of Vice President of Hardware Engineering specializing in wearable, and in the description it is clear that the company is looking for someone to manage a whole new portfolio of available to Google, which should include devices developed in all price ranges, with all levels of technology available and for all types of users.

For the time being, Google’s only “wearable” products are the Pixel Buds, which is strange, as the company has a specific division to develop wearable software and operating systems (Wear OS), which is used by various smartwatch companies. However, this was also the path Google uses in the smartphone market: it first created the Android system and sold it to other companies before it started manufacturing its own smartphones from the Nexus and Pixel lines.

Something that is also implied in the vacancy announced by Google is that, contrary to what the rumors said, the company is not even close to launching its own smartwatch in the market, since the vacancy makes it clear that Google is intending to build its team development of these products from scratch, rather than simply buying some company that already manufactures them. This notion that Google might be considering buying its entry into the smartwatch market came last month when the giant bought unspecified shares of watchmaker Fossil. But soon Fossil already assured all its shareholders that it was not going out of the market and being bought by Google and that it would keep all 200 people who are part of its development team.

The ad further specifies that the position should be taken at Google’s headquarters in Mountain View, California (considered the “capital” of Silicon Valley), and seeks candidates with at least 15 years of market experience and which has expertise in managing products with manufacturing numbers in hundreds of millions of units that will ship to virtually every country in the world.


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