Home NEWS Google is fined 50 million euros in France for disrespecting GDPR

Google is fined 50 million euros in France for disrespecting GDPR


After an NGO in Austria accused technology companies of not crouping General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), Google has now fined € 50 million (€ 21 million) in France for the new European regulations.

The company was sued by CNIL, one of the sector regulators in France. The institution alleged that Google failed to comply with the obligations of the new regulations. GDPR requires a number of measures that make it easier, faster, and easier for users to access all the data that digital companies have accumulated over them.

For CNIL, specifically, Google was not able to present sufficient data information required by about 10,000 users who filed complaints to the French body. CNIL also points out that the giant did not guarantee enough control so users could manage what information was being used.

Austrian NGO accuses Apple, Amazon, YouTube and others of not following GDPR

Google said in a statement that it was deeply committed to high standards of transparency and controls, but did not comment on the process effectively. The note points out that the company is still going to analyze the decision of the CNIL and then inform the next steps.

The company is still being investigated for similar problems in eight other European countries: Norway, the Netherlands, Greece, the Czech Republic, Slovenia, Poland and Sweden. Still, it is possible that an organ from Denmark will also investigate Google. In this case, the concern of the countries is in relation to data that Google collects with systems tracking the location of users.

Although it is a high amount, the 50 million euros are still well below the ceiling that the company could have to pay. The GDPR allows the company to be fined up to 4% of its revenue, and in the last quarter, Google reported a $ 33.74 billion revenue, which may increase this fine to much larger values than those required by the court French.


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