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Google Home Hub gives a new face to Google’s virtual assistant


Today is the day to know the new products of American technology, Google. Now is the time to see the devices “Made by Google” for this and the next year of 2019. In this sense, we already have news about this Google Home Hub.

The virtual assistant of the brand now gains a new house, with screen right and everything. Therefore, in addition to the intelligent loudspeaker we had already known in Home and Home Mini, we now have the third product of this line.

Combining the value added and artificial intelligence of the company’s virtual assistant with its video platform – YouTube. Here as well as to the service of maps, navigation, among others. Therefore, you will have not only instructions and information with the “voice of Google” as well as a possible illustrative video or route on the map.

During its “Made by” presentation, the company hinted that this product should live in the consumer’s home. In that sense, he deepened the question by showing its usefulness in the kitchen and we easily understand why.

Google Home Hub now official

Hence the Google Home Hub will be a great way to track recipes and awaken the Chef that is in you. It’s also a great way to listen to (and now see) the news as well as watch any and every Youtube video. However, we could also catalog this new product as a simple smart loudspeaker to which a screen has been added. Both perspectives will be right, depending on the importance you give the product or the space that it has in your home and in your life.


Once the Google Home Hub is not in use, or rather standby, you can use it as a digital photo frame. Therefore, the American manufacturer cited extreme integration with the online photo/video backup and storage service.

That way, you will not only have a virtual assistant always at a distance from a voice command or a look. Therefore, you will have all the functionalities of this virtual assistant, as well as an enhanced integration with NEST products and services.

In short, for example when someone rings the bell and you’re in the kitchen, in case you have any NEST compatible products, the image will appear in the Google Home Hub. From there you can talk to the visitors, either to reassure or reject (of course).

Integration with Google Photos makes it a “digital photo frame”

The potential of the Google Home Hub is undeniable. The success of its predecessors (Google Home and Home mini) is undeniable. Therefore, now that we have added a screen to the smart speaker, we expect the new product to be equally well received.

The Google Home Hub price is $ 149 or about 130 euros in the United States. However, the first phase will only be available in the USA, UK, and Australia.

In the last note, it is probable that with the passage of the time this product reaches more worldwide markets.


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