Home NEWS Google Gmail blocks 100 million SPAM emails per day!

Google Gmail blocks 100 million SPAM emails per day!

Google Gmail blocks 100 million SPAM emails per day!

Google has revealed that Google Gmail now has the ability to block more than 100 million spam emails per day. The news came as the company unveiled its new “Machine Learning” technology by the name of “TensorFlow”.

According to the information, “TensorFlow” is the most sophisticated technology of the moment to detect Spam. The technology was created in the laboratories of Google and can perceive in a more concrete way which are the emails that count with Spam or not.

In addition to the text, “TensorFlow” can now identify images. That is, the evildoers verified that if they sent the Spam in text the email was blocked, therefore, they decided to create spam emails in the image. Something that worked for a while.

Google Gmail eliminates 99.9% Spam from your email box

The new “TensorFlow” can cross signals with millions of examples and block those it considers Spam. After that, sort them into your mailbox in the section indicated.

Spam for some, information for others!

But technology does not stop here. The technology can identify what kind of utility you give your emails. That is, imagine that you have certain newsletters that send you a bunch of emails per day. For many, this is classified Spam (as it was for Google), but the new technology can realize that you value that content and do not classify it as such.

“The technology also helps us customize our spam protections for each user – what one person considers to be spam that someone else might consider an important message (think about subscriptions to newsletters or regular email notifications of an application ) “- refers to Google’s official publication.

The official publication further points out that Google Gmail is more capable than ever to prevent spam and phishing. ” Together with the other protections, they help prevent more than 99.9% of spam, phishing, and malware from reaching your inboxes of Google Gmail. ”

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In short, the truth is that Gmail can do miracles. Incidentally, the detection of Spam was one of the reasons why a few years ago I switched from Outlook to Gmail. I honestly do not regret it. Even today my outlook email receives spam until I say arrive.


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