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Google GBoard: New functionality lets you create your Emoji!

Google GBoard New functionality lets you create your Emoji!

Google GBoard is one of my favorite keyboards for both Android and iOS. Mountain View Enterprise Keyboard gives us a thousand and one possibilities.

We can write with swipe (even on iPhone), we have the possibility to do quick searches, add emoji’s and of course, GIF’s.

Now Google Gboard has gotten even better. A new feature allows you to make your own Bitmoji. Bit Moji works for both Android and iOS and you just have to go add emoji and click the “+” button to create your Bitmoji.

First, the smartphone will ask your camera for authorization, and then you just need to take a picture. Like Samsung’s Emoji’s, BitMoji will create an image that looks just like your face.

Google Gboard adds Bitmojis as an option for the user

After that you have a hundred actions in which you can use your Bitmoji. Be your Emoji at a party, happy, sad and out there.

In contrast, these Bitmojis do not have the same interaction of the Animoji of Apple or the ArEMoji of Samsung, that is, it is not a GIF or video. Simply an image of a doll identical to you.

Even so, it is a relevant feature for those who like to respond with emojis, or in this case, BitMojis.

The update is now available for both Android and iOS. Just be sure that you have the application installed and remember that to activate Bitmoji you need to add an Emojio and click the “+” button. Not a simple path, something unusual for Google products.


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